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The green statement earrings from NOX Amsterdam

We absolutely adore green statement earrings and have a large collection for you to choose from. Some of our green statement earrings are beautifully accented with hammered gold elements. Did you know that all our green statement earrings are handmade? Handcrafted earrings are the only thing we offer at NOX Amsterdam. We use the finest cut natural gemstones to create a beautifully layered look. Green statement earrings complement almost any outfit. Wear them casually or with a stunning dress for a night out or a gala event. Explore our extensive collection of green statement earrings online and find your perfect pair.

Green earrings and their beautiful meanings

Emerald green earrings: The name emerald originates from the Latin word "smaragdus" and the Greek word "smaragdos" (green stone). The gemstone symbolized power, eternal youth, and immortality. The color is so exceptional that it has its own name: emerald green. Now you understand why we are so fond of emerald green earrings. You can find a wide variety of emerald green earrings in the NOX Amsterdam collection.

Green chalcedony earrings: Green chalcedony provides a beautiful mix of healing energy and gentle growth stimulation. This calming stone encourages being true to oneself and enhances mental clarity through its subtle calming effect. Not only are green chalcedony earrings stunning in color, but they also hold a beautiful meaning. This is one of the reasons why we adore green chalcedony earrings so much. The soft and natural green shade makes them perfect for everyday wear. Shop online for your own pair of green chalcedony earrings and bring a smile to your face.

Amazonite green earrings: Amazonite is green to turquoise in color. It offers protective properties, bringing balance and harmony. It safeguards against various harmful external influences, such as electromagnetic radiation. NOX Amsterdam loves working with amazonite green and has a wide selection to choose from for your own pair of amazonite green earrings. We have a deep appreciation for natural gemstones, and it's for a good reason. You can see the beautiful meaning behind this gemstone, and that's why we love designing the most exquisite amazonite green earrings for you with this color and stone.

The benefits of NOX Amsterdam

NOX Amsterdam offers the most beautiful handcrafted earrings in gold and silver. Our collection is extensive, but the editions are limited to keep our brand exclusive for you. Our gold earrings are finished with 1 micron 18ct gold plating, and we add a special coating to ensure your earrings bring you even more joy. We ship your ordered earrings within 2 days and package them beautifully for you. We provide track & trace via a letterbox package, so you don't need to be home to receive your earrings on time. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. We are very approachable and just a phone call or email away. If you plan to gift NOX Amsterdam, please let us know. You can also indicate it in your order, and we will make sure it's beautifully wrapped and include a NOX Amsterdam bag with a ribbon to enhance the gifting experience even further. :-)