NOX White earrings

White is the color of purity and beauty. White earrings are wonderful! Wear them in summer or winter. We have white gold earrings in natural stone, pearls, or mother-of-pearl.

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The white earrings from NOX Amsterdam

Want to buy white earrings from NOX Amsterdam? NOX Amsterdam has many beautiful white handmade gold and silver earrings in its collection. White earrings made of moonstone, white earrings made of chalcedony, white pearl earrings, and white mother-of-pearl earrings. We have plenty of options, we would say. Often combined with another color of natural stone or semiprecious stone, these combinations make them even more beautiful and cater to everyone's taste. NOX Amsterdam also offers handmade hammered tops with a beautiful white chalcedony or moonstone underneath. Our colored statement earring has a similar design but is larger, a true statement piece. Of course, we also have white earrings with gold. Long and short, statement and suitable for everyday wear. Choose a pair that suits you best.

The white statement earrings from NOX Amsterdam

We love designing statement earrings. White earrings with moonstone and/or white chalcedony. White earrings with pearls or mother-of-pearl. Our handmade gold statement earrings are often combined with multiple colors, as seen in many of our mother-of-pearl earrings, which typically feature a beautiful natural stone/semiprecious stone top.

Moonstone earrings and their beautiful meaning

Moonstone derives its name from the beautiful glow and radiance reminiscent of the moon. It is associated with intuition, emotions, fertility, and the heart. This stone was used as a talisman for luck and to evoke love in individuals. Moonstone is perfect for designing white earrings.

White chalcedony earrings and their beautiful meaning

In Tibet, white chalcedony is considered a symbol of the pure white lotus flower. It was also considered a sacred stone by Native Americans, providing stability during tribal ceremonies. White chalcedony brings balance to the body, mind, and emotions. It is beneficial for the skin and assists with nightmares and sleep problems. White chalcedony has a soft, milky white hue, making it a preferred choice for designing white earrings.

The benefits of NOX Amsterdam

We design earrings for you with love. We package them beautifully and ensure quick delivery. All our earrings are handmade and of high quality. We have a passion for colors and color combinations, which is reflected in our designs. Statement earrings are what we are truly known for. We love them!