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Moonstone represents feminine energy, fertility, and intuition. It is a beautiful white natural stone/semiprecious stone that exhibits delicate pastel colors such as soft pink and light blue.

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Moonstone Earrings from NOX Amsterdam

Looking to buy moonstone earrings from NOX Amsterdam? We design gold earrings with moonstone, which is a truly beautiful natural stone/semiprecious stone that we adore, just like labradorite. You can find various models within our Monochromatic Earrings, Multicolored Earrings, and Statement Earrings collections.

The statement earrings from NOX Amsterdam with moonstone

When the sun shines on a moonstone, it reveals beautiful soft colors like soft pink and light blue. It's truly a remarkable and unique stone. The white color of moonstone makes it versatile and suitable for any outfit. The gold moonstone statement earrings from NOX Amsterdam are especially stunning because we work with large moonstones, highlighting the captivating play of colors.

Benefits of NOX Amsterdam

We always ship within 2 days with track & trace and ensure beautiful packaging. We are available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. If you're ordering earrings as a gift, leave a note, and we'll include a lovely pouch to complete the presentation.

NOX Amsterdam

We design earrings with love and passion for you. They are handmade using the finest materials such as silver, gold, brass, natural stones, mother-of-pearl, and pearls. Our silver earrings have a micron gold 18ct plating, which is of higher quality than a regular gold coating. Additionally, we apply an extra coating to provide enhanced protection for your jewelry.

Within our collection, you'll find some models that we have adopted simply because we find them stunning. They are crafted in our unique color combinations and high-quality standards.