Dalmatian jasper earrings

Dalmatian jasper is a stunning and rugged natural stone. Dalmatian jasper has uplifting properties and provides energy, which can help reduce depression and alleviate nightmares. This stone also aids in grounding. How beautiful is that?

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The Dalmatian jasper/jaspis earrings from NOX Amsterdam

Interested in purchasing Dalmatian Jasper/Jaspis earrings from NOX Amsterdam? You can! We design multiple models with this stunning and rugged natural stone/semiprecious stone. We also enjoy combining this stone with other natural stones such as mother-of-pearl, chalcedony, raw emerald, raw ruby, raw sapphire, and hydroquartz. Take a look at these models on our Multi-color earrings page or combined with our Mother-of-Pearl earrings.

The statement earrings from NOX Amsterdam with Dalmatian jasper

NOX Amsterdam loves designing statement earrings with Dalmatian jasper. This natural stone/half-precious stone is beautiful because of its natural colors. It can be combined with anything. Soon, you will find more models on our webshop.

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Stands for beautiful and unique earrings. True eye-catchers that we're incredibly proud of. Made with the finest natural stones. Earrings available in gold and silver. NOX is known for its color combinations. We love color! Every earring we offer is a "little or big statement". Specifically designed for the stylish and elegant woman who dares to stand out and has a passion for earrings.

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