Our yellow earrings

Yellow is associated with energy, sun, spring, summer, a fresh start, joy of life, and happiness. This color brings cheerfulness and positivity. Our yellow earrings are made of natural stone and hydroquartz. Beautifully layered earrings. Always chic and e

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The yellow earrings from NOX Amsterdam

Want to buy yellow earrings from NOX Amsterdam? We design yellow earrings with so much love. This is partly because the color is both cheerful and soft, and yellow chalcedony earrings look beautiful on everyone. Our lemon and yellow gold hydroquartz earrings create a layered appearance that adds depth to the earring. When we combine natural stone or semiprecious stone with hydroquartz, it really comes together beautifully. It won't surprise you that we have a large collection of yellow earrings.

The yellow statement earrings from NOX Amsterdam

NOX Amsterdam has a substantial collection of yellow statement earrings. We work with yellow chalcedony and hydroquartz for this purpose. We use the colors golden yellow and lemon from hydroquartz. Golden yellow is the imitation citrine gemstone. In reality, genuine citrine is very precious, which is why we use the hydroquartz version for all our fashion earrings. This form is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Our yellow statement earrings come in various sizes, from small to large. Even our small earrings with yellow chalcedony, such as the yellow chalcedony with mother-of-pearl earrings, are called "little statements." NOX Amsterdam designs yellow statement earrings for the stylish woman with a passion for earrings. All our statement earrings are stylish, chic, and elegant!

Yellow earrings and their beautiful meaning

Yellow is associated with energy, the sun, spring, summer, new beginnings, joy of life, and happiness. This color brings cheerfulness and positivity. Yellow provides focus and purpose. Due to its brain-stimulating effect, the color represents knowledge, wisdom, maturity, as well as creativity and imagination. After reading all these beautiful meanings, you understand why we at NOX Amsterdam are so fond of yellow. We have selected the most beautiful yellow gemstones for our yellow earrings. We create stunning combinations with other colors of natural stones or semiprecious stones to offer you the most beautiful collection possible. For yellow earrings and yellow statement earrings, NOX Amsterdam is the place to be.

The benefits of NOX Amsterdam

We are a company with love and passion for earrings. Small earrings like studs, large statement earrings, ear hoops and rings, bold and gold or silver earrings – all designed to offer our customers something different. We also package them beautifully for you. We make sure that when you order from NOX Amsterdam, you truly give yourself a gift. That's what we love. Beautiful earrings for beautiful people!