NOX pearl earrings

We have designed an incredible collection of pearl earrings. Beautiful round AA freshwater pearls combined with our natural stone tops. In our collection, you will find white pearls, soft pink pearls, soft orange pearls, grey pearls, and black pearls.

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The pearl earrings of NOX Amsterdam

Looking to buy stunning freshwater pearl earrings from NOX Amsterdam? We have the most beautiful collection of pearl earrings. We combine our various colors of pearls with our exquisite natural stone tops, resulting in a stunning and extensive collection. Our freshwater pearls are of AA quality. We use fully round 1cm freshwater pearls, which are the most exceptional and therefore more valuable than other pearls. Within our large new pearl collection, we have white pearls, pink pearls, soft orange pearls, gray pearls, and black pearls.

The freshwater pearl earrings of NOX Amsterdam

Want to buy freshwater pearl earrings from NOX Amsterdam? We offer white freshwater pearls, pink freshwater pearls, gray freshwater pearls, soft orange freshwater pearls, and black freshwater pearls. All of them are used in our beautiful new collection of gold earrings. With their natural stone tops and AA-quality pearls measuring 1cm in diameter, our earrings feature the rarest fully round pearls. Our new collection is unique and showcases the most stunning color combinations.

What are freshwater pearls?

Freshwater pearls are genuine pearls produced by mollusks cultivated in freshwater lakes. They can come in various shapes, from rare round forms to irregular baroque shapes. The color palette of freshwater pearls ranges from natural white to all shades between pink and purple. At NOX Amsterdam, we work with white, pink, soft orange, gray, and black freshwater pearls. We combine these pearls with the most beautiful natural stones to create exquisite pearl earrings. The result is a stunning collection where you can surely find a beautiful pair of pearl earrings that suits you best.