Our blue earrings

Blue is the color of the sky and the sea. It often gets associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, and intelligence. We love blue earrings! Have a look at our multiple blue shades.

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The blue earrings from NOX Amsterdam

We are crazy about blue earrings. They can be worn both in a bold and chic way. All our blue earrings are handmade and crafted from the finest materials. We work with blue chalcedony, raw blue sapphire, and soft blue hydroquartz to design the most beautiful collections of blue earrings for you. Blue earrings go perfectly with jeans as well as with a fantastic dress. When you dress up, NOX Amsterdam completes your look with the most stunning blue earrings.

The blue statement earrings from NOX Amsterdam

There aren't many statement blue earrings out there, except at NOX Amsterdam. We absolutely love making a real statement with blue earrings. The blue chalcedony earrings are vibrant yet soft in color. The blue sapphire-colored earrings have a bold appeal, and our soft blue earrings are truly beautiful and gentle in color. We also have royal blue earrings, which are a striking cobalt blue. As you can see, there is an abundance of blue earrings to choose from at NOX Amsterdam!

Blue earrings and their beautiful meaning

Blue is the perfect assertive color. It represents stability and power, as it is associated with the sky and the oceans, which symbolize reliability, wisdom, loyalty, expertise, and honesty. By wearing blue, you convey that you know what you're doing and that you are trustworthy. Now you understand why we adore blue earrings. We design all kinds of blue earrings with love for you.

The benefits of NOX Amsterdam

Earrings are our passion. We exclusively create handmade earrings using the most beautiful materials, including gold and silver, with and without natural stones. We always put extra care into finishing our earrings, providing them with an additional coating for longer-lasting beauty. Quality is of the utmost importance to NOX Amsterdam. Our earrings must be perfect. Once you place your order, we will carefully package them for you and ship them within 2 days with track & trace. If you plan to gift a NOX Amsterdam item, let us know during your order, and we will include a beautiful bag to enhance the gifting experience and bring the ultimate smile to the recipient's face. They will be delighted!