Our fuchsia earrings

Magenta is a combination of red and violet and represents sensuality and luxuriance. It is also known as fuchsia. Fuchsia is also a natural stone / semiprecious stone. We work with fuchsia natural stones and fuchsia hydroquartz

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The fuchsia earrings from NOX Amsterdam

Want to buy fuchsia earrings from NOX Amsterdam? We have beautiful handmade fuchsia earrings in various shapes. Statement earrings or fuchsia earrings for everyday wear. The color fuchsia has something magical about it. That's why we love it so much. It's a very beautiful, vibrant color. Our fuchsia earrings are handmade with the finest materials, including natural stones/semiprecious stone. We also work with fuchsia hydroquartz. When you combine the fuchsia natural stone with fuchsia hydroquartz, it adds a lot of depth to the earrings. We love to combine these two stones. Take a look at our collection and choose your own beautiful fuchsia earrings.

The fuchsia statement earrings from NOX Amsterdam

Fuchsia earrings "to make a statement"! You can indulge yourself with us. We design plenty of statement fuchsia earrings, all handmade with the finest materials. We often combine different colors of natural stones as well. This is where our specialty lies. Customers love our statement fuchsia earrings. Maybe you'll find yours on our Statement Earrings page too.

The benefits of NOX Amsterdam

Our top-quality handmade earrings are truly amazing to wear. We love quality and women who are passionate about earrings. That's NOX Amsterdam. We are happy to assist you with everything. Just give us a call, and we will answer all your questions. We will wrap your order beautifully and make sure you have a big smile on your face when unpacking it :-) Planning to give a NOX Amsterdam gift? Let us know, and we will include a lovely NOX bag to make your gift even more special.