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Labradorite is a highly protective and spiritual stone. It reduces anxiety and instills strength, self-confidence, and perseverance. It is a beautiful and robust semi-precious stone!

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The labradorite earrings from NOX Amsterdam

Looking to buy labradorite earrings from NOX Amsterdam? Our labradorite semiprecious stone earrings are made from the most beautiful stones. They have a naturally beautiful grey and olive color with a visible black vein inside. The stone often displays a stunning blue glow, especially when the sun shines on it. We primarily work with the most exquisite dark blue labradorite stones. You can find our labradorite gold earrings in our Solid Color Earrings, Multicolored Earrings, and Statement Earrings collections.

The labradorite statement earrings from NOX Amsterdam

We have a special fondness for statement earrings and enjoy designing statement earrings featuring labradorite. Labradorite statement earrings are extremely stylish and easy to wear. Labradorite is a stone that effortlessly complements long and large earrings. Truly a statement!

The benefits of NOX Amsterdam

We design the most beautiful gold and silver earrings with a focus on quality. We always deliver within 2 days with track & trace and ensure that your purchase is beautifully packaged. All our earrings are handmade.